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ENVELOPE INSIDE 3808-24.5 1/BX  3808245


Item # 3808245
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Brand Name: RET
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  • Easy to fit enveloping system.
  • Compression molded as a single unit
  • Ensures better finish on beads and other repairs in inner liner.
  • Enhances envelope service life.
  • Ensures a strong curing seal with added inner liner protection.
Features: This product data sheet covers the entire range of Ultra Series Outside Envelope made from special compounds, compression molded which allow our envelopes to have a uniform thickness, resist heat and retained flexibility throughout the envelope life, resulting in lower cost - per - cure. The design accommodates the use of inside envelopes.

Storage Conditions
  • During the life of the envelope, periodically inspect the envelope for holes, tears, and cracks. Inspect the edges of the envelope where problems normally occur.
  • New and seldom used envelopes are to be stored in their original cartons, away from light and heat sources.
  • In-process envelopes to be stored in bins or on specially designed envelope storage racks. Do not place or store them on the floor.
  • Avoid rolling or dragging enveloped tyres across the floor.
  • Ensure all lose object such as staples, date tags, etc. do not come in contact with the envelope since they can tear or puncture them.
Instructions for Use
  • Select the correct size envelope for the tyre size. Refer the appropriate selection chart.
  • When installing the envelope ensure that it is centred and straight on the tyre with the valve stem centred over the wicking pad.
  • Make sure that the valve stem is located in a position so as not to bind when hooked-up to the autoclave / chamber exhaust line when the tyre and envelope assembly are placed inside the curing chamber. • Couplers that attach to the envelope should be attached to the chamber hoses with 90° elbows.
  • Always check to ensure that exhaust valve is not blocked.
  • It is recommended that a vacuum test be performed to check the seal of the envelope and the sealing ring.
  • NEVER insert air under the envelope to check the seal of the envelope and sealing ring.
  • Pressurizing the envelope can pull the envelope away from the sealing ring and may create a safety hazard. Pressurizing the envelope causes distortion and stretching and will shorten envelope life. Note: To prolong life, rotate envelopes so that a hot envelope is allowed to cool to room temperature between cures prior to putting back in service.
Lubrication Envelopes shipped from the factory are pre-lubed and depending on the cleanliness of the tyres, it can be used between 40 - 50 cures between lubrication. The lubricant enhances the life of envelope. The cleaner the tyre, the better the result. If sticking occur, we recommend the use of JeT - Water Base Envelope Lube. Apply the lube by turning the envelope inside out. Refer instructions on the container for proper use. Always allow the lubricant to dry before use.


  Product NameENVELOPE INSIDE 3808-24.5 1/BX
  Brand NameRET
  Item #3808245


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